RYC® Teacher Training

Due to COVID-19 all RYC® Events are now
held virtually until further notice

Sep 2023 to Jan 2024

RYC® Teacher Training
Online with Lauren Ohayon

RYC® Teacher Training Whether you’re already a movement teacher or would like to become one, the RYC® Teacher Training will give you everything you need to use the RYC® Method in your classes and 1-on-1 with clients. You’ll learn to help others find whole body healing and empower other women to take back their dignity and do everything they love, without fear. The RYC® Teacher Training certifies you both to use the method and to teach RYC® Classes. Check out the RYC® Teacher Training page for more details.

Restore Your Core
Restore Your Core

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Location: This is an Online training using Zoom

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The next training will start September 2023 and continue until the end of January 2024. Online Live meetings take place 3 Mondays a month, with some exceptions around holiday periods. For more information please visit RYC® Teacher Training.