RYC® Pro Training

Due to COVID-19 all RYC® Events are now
held virtually until further notice

Sep 2022 to Jan 2023

RYC® Professional Training
Online with Lauren Ohayon

Restore Your Core® is about so much more than healing from core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Being able to guide people using the ‘whole body healing’ RYC® offers leads to powerful results.
When you train in the RYC® method you become an integral part of a movement that empowers women to be confident in their healing journey.
Whether you’re new to teaching movement or currently a movement professional, we’ve got a tailored path for you.
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Restore Your Core
Restore Your Core

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Location: This is an Online training using Zoom

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The next training will start September 2022 and continue until the end of January 2023.
Meetings take place 3 Mondays a month at 1:30 PM EST/UK 6:30 PM, with some exceptions around holiday periods.
The full training calendar will be visible in the TT portal once it is live.
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