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A series of RYC® exercises designed to strengthen your core / pelvic floor, increase mobility, and boost exercise confidence. Learn about common blind spots and compensation patterns that can be hindering your ability to progress to other formats / classes. See dates and locations

Explore the fundamental elements of core and pelvic floor wellness in this information-packed two-part workshop. This is a safe space to be heard, supported, and empowered as you learn practical tools for supporting your core and pelvic floor, both on and off the mat. See dates and locations

A practical 3-part workshop for any fitness or healthcare pro who wants to learn more about how the core and pelvic floor work, how to assess for core/floor dysfunction and how to help your clients be effective with their core training.
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An intimate 2-day core and pelvic floor immersion taught always by Lauren Ohayon, RYC® founder. Perfect for anyone who has core / pelvic floor issues or just wants to learn how to have a functional core. See dates and locations

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