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A series of RYC® exercises designed to strengthen your core / pelvic floor, increase mobility, and boost exercise confidence. Learn about common blind spots and compensation patterns that can be hindering your ability to progress to other formats / classes. See dates and locations

Explore the fundamental elements of core and pelvic floor wellness in this information-packed two-part workshop. This is a safe space to be heard, supported, and empowered as you learn practical tools for supporting your core and pelvic floor, both on and off the mat. See dates and locations

Being able to guide others to the whole body healing RYC® offers is incredibly rewarding. As you know, RYC® creates results that go so much deeper than healing from core and pelvic floor dysfunction. When you train professionally in the RYC® Method, you become an integral part of a movement that empowers women to be confident in their healing journey.
Whether you’re new to teaching movement or want to be able to teach RYC® classes, check out the RYC® Teacher Training.
If you’re already a movement professional, PT or chiropractor and want to learn only the method to use with clients, check out the RYC® Method Training . See dates and locations

Back to Base is a weekend of dropping into movement that is intuitive and bolstered by skill and trust. Explore with Lauren Ohayon RYC® concepts using the CARE model as well as RYC® adjacent concepts using the DARE model. CARE classes will be focused and skill-based. DARE classes will be somatic, intentional and a chance to feel intersections of trust, control and freedom.  See dates and locations

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