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Mapping the Pelvic Floor: 5 Essential Tools for Professionals

After this mini-training you’ll be able to:

  • Connect more deeply with how your clients are feeling
  • Empower your clients to connect with and map their pelvic floor
  • Help clients navigate the cultural disconnect from the pelvic floor and find safety in feeling their pelvic floor
  • Give people powerful, safe sensory experiences with their bodies
  • Understand why many clients cannot access their pelvic floor in order to strengthen it
  • Manage / relieve your client’s self-judgment and stress
  • Make clients want to come back for more
  • And much more…

Nancy Payne

“Today I finally logged into "Mapping your Pelvic Floor", my house was empty and I had a spare hour. And wow, what an hour. Each second was like an amazing "ah ha" moment.

I can't even begin to express my own heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful gift of sharing these "tools", suggestions, movements and ideas and thoughts.

I thought I was aware of my own pelvic floor, but all sorts of emotions came up as I actually listened and moved,or tried to move through the movements.”


Plus you’ll get:

  • 3 Outer tools for pelvic floor mapping
  • 2 Inner tools for pelvic floor mapping
  • Step-by-step instructions for using each tool
  • Modifications and regressions for each tool to suit your client
  • A downloadable guide that details your learnings
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Lauren Ohayon internationally known for her ability to help her clients find their blind spots, compensations, and preferred patterns that are holding them back. She is the founder of Restore Your Core® (RYC®), an online program which empowers women to heal from core / pelvic floor difficulties and be strong, long, mobile and functional.
She is the creator of the RYC® Method and ICCP which empower professionals to create transformative, lasting healing for clients with pelvic floor / core issues.

With more than two decades’ experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues minus the “burn and shred” mentality. RYC® also boasts highly trained movement teachers around the world.
Lauren and the RYC® teachers use the RYC® Method and ICCP to help women across the globe gain core strength, achieve ideal pelvic floor function, and learn to move efficiently and exercise optimally.

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*Includes lifetime access & downloadable guide