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Sarah Nassolo Layne

Sarah Nassolo Layne

Personal trainer and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

London England, UK

I am Sarah Layne, a rehabilitation-focused, personal trainer and movement teacher working in postpartum and corrective exercise. I am passionate about empowering women to discover what their body is capable of through wellness and movement. I first discovered corrective exercises in 2018 when I was experiencing severe hip pain; leaving me unable to walk and limiting my day-to-day activities. Over time these changes had formed patterns in my body, contributing greatly to the pain in my hip. My body was in anterior pelvic tilt and I struggled to find professional assistance to help me. I was referred to a number of physiotherapists by my NHS GP, most of whom had no idea how to help me and had never heard of movement training with some of their suggestions actually leaving me in more pain. After months of my own research, I found a Restore Your Core teacher who was able to coach me through some spine mobility movement which is what my body needed. To my surprise I had finally found something that worked for me, I could get out of bed and I felt stronger. Whilst still on the road to my own full recovery, RYC has made such a difference to me, I wanted to help the healing process in other women by becoming an RYC movement teacher myself. I am helping postpartum women rediscover the joy of movement through 1:1 sessions and small group exercise classes.


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