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Shira Rose

Shira Rose

Yoga and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Los Angeles California, USA

I am very grateful for the healing my challenges have lead me to. I realized I had diastasis recti after the birth of my third baby and I felt weak and broken. Through Restore Your Core™️ I found strength and confidence in myself and my body that I had never had before. As an RYC®️ teacher I help women not only find physical awareness, but also a love for movement and a love for themselves and their own bodies that I know can be hard to maintain. In addition to being a Restore Your Core™️ teacher, I’m also a nutritionist and yoga teacher. I am passionate about finding joy in life and relationships, I love swimming, hiking, movies, and hanging out with my husband and kids. I thrive on sunshine, good music, good food, good connections, and great leggings.


  • Private One on One RYC® classes
  • Group RYC® classes