Want to guide others
to a
functional core
and pelvic floor?

Train With Restore Your Core®
You already know RYC® is about healing
so much more than the core

Being able to guide people using the ‘whole body healing’ RYC® offers leads to powerful results.

When you train in the RYC® method you become an integral part of a movement that empowers women to be confident in their healing journey.

Whether you’re new to teaching movement or currently a movement professional, we’ve got a tailored path for you.

Help other women tap into their
competence and strength
Choose your track
RYC® Teacher Training

If you’re not yet a movement pro or
want to add the RYC® certification
to your qualifications, check this out!

RYC® Method Training

If you’re already a pro and looking to
enhance your offerings with the
RYC® method, check this out!

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Upcoming RYC® Professional Trainings
All trainings start September 2022
RYC® Teacher Training

This path will not only take you
deep into the RYC® method, learning
assessments and tools, but also
certify you to teach RYC® classes.

RYC® Method Training

You’ll learn the assessments and tools
that define the RYC® method. Be
empowered to enhance your offerings
and better support your clients.