Take your core and pelvic floor work
with clients to a whole new level

Ever found yourself at a loss with a client who
cant seem to heal from diastasis recti?

Maybe you recommended the standard intervention but your clients did not get results and they swear they're doing the work?

Enter RYC®.

We've gone beyond the dated textbooks, into the most cutting-edge understanding of the way the body works.

Combining the biomechanical model with leading theories and practices, RYC® gives you a practical system to use with clients dealing with core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Be the movement professional who
DOES hear your clients

So often we meet clients who’ve come to us from movement professionals who can’t seem to hear them when they say the methods they’ve been given AREN’T working.

We get it.

As a professional, when you’re giving all the ‘right’ advice, and your client isn’t getting results, it’s easy to think they must not be following through.

But the thing is, we need to be able to hear what our clients are telling us.

There’s no one size fits all model for core and pelvic floor issues. RYC® knows this and trains you to be able to adjust interventions and programs based on the individual in front of you—not what a text book tells you.

Looking to enhance what you already do?
We've got you

Take your current training in yoga, pilates, PT, OT, personal training or massage to the next level with the Restore Your Core® Method Training.

Hone your eye through the functional movement lens of RYC® with comprehensive, virtual assessments for the core, pelvic floor, alignment and gait that don’t require internal exams.

The training is designed to support you in creating a solid foundation of understanding the body through the RYC® lens.

Broaden your scope of work, increase your offerings, and experience more success (faster) with the women you work with using RYC®.

In the RYC® Method Training you’ll:

1 Learn virtual assessments for the core & pelvic floor that don’t require internal exams.

2Get trained in alignment assessment to inform your work with clients.

3Add targeted tools to your kit that will help clients improve function, mobility and stability.

4Gain an understanding of how the body is interconnected and why this is critical to healing.

5Enhance your ability to work with clients using research based, effective, simple tools.

Success Stories

RYC® Method Training Details

Join us for 5 months of virtual learning, empowerment & community

1 Each month, there will be 2 lives, pre-recorded materials and a live Q/A.

2Lives are on Mondays, 1.30pm EST/6.30pm UK for approximately 2 hours. Replays are recorded and available to you.

3Each month we’ll look at a different area of the body, learning assessments and tools to use with your clients.

4You’ll get a partner to practice with and support you through the entire training.

Steps to Completing the Training

1 Register below.

2Provide documentation of your pro status or licensure.

3Ensure you have completed the RYC® 12-week online exercise program, including tutorials, prior to certification.

4Take an RYC® Online Workshop or complete a 1:1 assessment with an RYC® Pro. This must be done within 3 months of the training end date.

5 Engage with the monthly content, including watching pre-recorded videos, reading the manual, and joining the lives (or watching the replay).

6Pass "open book" monthly quizzes.

Train in the RYC® Method

Early bird ends 5/31

$1699 $1,559 USD

I’ve read and accept the terms and conditions

*For a payment plan of $199 over 8 months, click here
Upcoming RYC® Professional Trainings
All trainings start September 2022
RYC® Teacher Training

This path will not only take you
deep into the RYC® method, learning
assessments and tools, but also
certify you to teach RYC® classes.

RYC® Method Training

You’ll learn the assessments and tools
that define the RYC® method. Be
empowered to enhance your offerings
and better support your clients.