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Mareike Hazell

Mareike Hazell

Yoga and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Hamburg Germany, Europe

Hi, my name is Mareike. I live with my husband and two kids in the north of Germany - in Hamburg. I came across RYC after my first birth which was quite challenging. I already taught Yoga, but felt after my birthing experience that I needed more knowledge around the topic core and pelvic floor to help my own healing. Another Yoga teacher recommended Lauren to me. And that's how it all started:-) I found the holistic approach of RYC and how it enables you to adapt everyday life very helpful and unique. Pretty soon after starting the programme, I decided to take the teacher training as well. I was actually pregnant with kid number two when I attended the training. It was amazing to see how much better I felt this time around carrying a little human inside me. No pain in my hips and I worked out pretty much until the due date. It's really important for me in my classes and private sessions to show how well the body can adapt and how much it can change. A diagnosis is not a dead-end street. We can shift things around, we just need to know how.


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