The proven method for regaining your strength and confidence, long term.

Meet the founder

Lauren Ohayon

Lauren Ohayon is the creator of the “Restore Your Core®” (RYC®), a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program that empowers women who aim to be strong, long, mobile and functional. Having taught RYC® throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Restore Your Core® also boasts highly trained movement teachers around the world; from India to Alaska and Australia to North America and Europe. Lauren and the Restore Your Core® teachers are using the RYC® Method to help women across the globe gain core strength, achieve ideal pelvic floor function, and learn to move efficiently and optimally. All in a safe and nurturing community-driven environment.

Lauren launched RYC® in December 2015 with only small groups of devoted clientele in varied global regions where she personally taught her safe, alignment-based approach to yoga and pilates. Blessed with a nomadic spirit, Lauren led classes in her native New York, India, Israel and throughout Europe before settling in Miami in late 2015, with her husband and three children.


With more than two decades’ experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues minus the “burn and shred” mentality. And her highly regarded Restore Your Core® program, which uses the RYC® Method to help women heal their core and pelvic floor, has become a transformative game-changer for women suffering from:


Urine Leaking:

The uncomfortable (and often embarrassing) spontaneous discharge of urine occurring as a result of everyday actions: running, lifting, jumping, coughing, sneezing, laughing— pretty much any action that leads one to “push out.”


Pelvic-Organ Prolapse:

The “falling down” of pelvic organs (rectum, uterus, vagina, bladder) that thousands of women, who are especially susceptible postpartum and during menopause.


Diastasis Recti
(“Mummy Tummy”):

The separation of abdominal muscles that creates a mid-belly gap and affect the skin, fat and muscle tissue.


Back pain:

Constant. Incessant.

Our Core Values

  • We do not fix you. You are not broken. Bodies bend, not break. You are cells, not inert matter. Cells change, adapt and respond to their environment.
  • Flat bellies are not better bellies. Functional has no “look”.
  • Healing is a journey, not a destination. It is normal to have some good days and some bad days. We have no expectations that everyday will be a “good” body day.
  • Let’s normalize injury. Our culture stigmatizes injury, making us feel shame and “less than” for having one. They are PART of human existence.
  • Ableism sucks. Call us out if we go there.
  • Consistency matters. Habit matters. Commitment matters. Finding a rhythm that works for you and committing to that - no matter if it is the simple act of pressing play for 2 minutes - we want you to go there. Change does not need to be huge. Small and steady.

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