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Shona Bohmer

Therapeutic Yoga and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist, RYC®️Pro Teacher, RYC®️Community Manager, Therapeutic Yoga, Resistance Stretching

Cranbrook British Columbia, Canada

Hi, I’m Shona (as in Shawna!). You might know me from the Restore Your Core Community Group on Facebook. As Community Manager, you’ll see me frequently answering questions and offering support and encouragement to group members. I believe healing is possible, and there is always a way. The first step might be smaller than you think, but there is always a next step. Maybe your first step is asking for help?

How did I get here? My Restore Your Core®️ journey began in 2017 after a car accident left me in chronic pain. My fitness goals aren’t grand; I want to feel comfort and ease in my body as I go about my daily activities, whether that be carrying laundry baskets or groceries, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, or taking the dogs for a walk. I live in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, and my hobbies include spending time in nature, paddling, hiking, and mountain biking. I will forever be grateful for RYC®️ as it has enabled me to participate in these activities again, and I am now (most days) stronger than ever.

Through the process of healing my body, I discovered my passion for supporting women as they recover from the core and pelvic floor dysfunction. I love helping clients understand how subtle changes in alignment, movement, and breath can influence their bodies. When these sometimes micro-adjustments are applied with consistency, I’ve seen incredible transformations. These women reduce pain and symptoms, and they get their lives back. I want women to have the tools and the knowledge they need to feel empowered and ultimately be able to return to the activities they love; whether that’s spending the day with a good book, playing at the park with their children, baking cookies with their grandkids, climbing mountains, paddling waterways or running marathons.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with women from all over the world. Sometimes it’s an RYC®️ Assessment, RYC®️ Accountability Group, or an RYC®️ Series. Other times we meet weekly or biweekly and I hold their hand as they make their way through the program. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to witness how they overcome both the physical and mental hurdles that come with core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Healing is possible.


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