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Aimee Riecke

Aimée Riecke

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified RYC® Teacher

Hamburg Germany, Europe

The physical changes that came with motherhood threw me off entirely. I was not prepared, and I was also not body-knowledgeable. So many things went wrong for me because of my lack of understanding my own body. I was not able to ask any, let alone the right, questions to receive the care post-partum that I should have received.

Finding RYC® opened up a whole new world for me, physically as well as mentally. And while I initially wanted to do the Teacher Training just for my own benefit of learning and understanding more, I quickly realized the information and knowledge I gained was too good to not share it with other women.

I now mainly work with women who are in their 50s and 60s and empowerment and education are my main drivers. Most of them have been told their core and pelvic floor issues are something they just have to live with because of their age or because they have given birth at some stage.
I show them that this belief is outdated and wrong: it is never too late for them to start training, and there is always something to be gained from exercise. I empower them to get to know and better understand their body, their symptoms, how everything is connected and teach them what they can do about it.

My offerings include the RYC® group series in German, as well as 1:1 sessions in both German and English.


  • Private One on One RYC® classes
  • Group RYC® classes