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Aimee Riecke

Aimée Riecke

Aimée Riecke, Certified RYC® Teacher

Hamburg Germany, Europe

I had never felt unprepared for becoming a mother. I thought I knew what to expect. And with regards to the baby that was in fact true. Not so much when it came to my own body. I did not know anything. Even more unfortunate was that I had absolutely no idea about everything that I did not know which left me unable to pose the right or even any questions to anyone who could have helped me. So, in a series of unfortunate incidents, I ended up with prolapse, severe urine incontinence, and probably also an undiagnosed postpartum depression. The first 18 months pp, where the loneliest of my life. When I finally had just enough energy to seek help surgery was presented to me as a solution, but no alternatives were mentioned. Neither was I informed about failure rates nor about issues that could occur afterward because of it. Again, I did not have the knowledge to ask better questions. I got the operation and there was a relief, but I also started to have this gut feeling that I should do something else for my body, additionally, to support healing. I asked for a physiotherapy referral but never made it there thanks to the first Covid lockdown. Half a year later thanks to a very lucky coincidence someone mentioned RYC® to me and after some starting difficulties, I dove right in. Then my mental health improved, even faster than my physical health did. And even before I was done with Stage 2, I decided to do the Teacher Training. I was so fascinated and intrigued, I wanted to learn more about it all and so I did and continue to do so since getting certified. After having felt very helpless myself, my main driver now is to support other women in getting the information they need to be able to ask better questions, to equip them with more knowledge, and empower them in their understanding of their unique body so they can find their own way of self-care I teach the RYC® group series in German as well as offer 1-on-1 sessions in both German and English.


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