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Anna Levin

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am a Pilates and Yoga teacher and now RYC® teacher!
I have been moving almost my whole life first as a dancer, then as a Pilates and Yoga teacher and practicing in the Movement Community of Amsterdam.
I had been following Lauren for many years on social media and been very intrigued by her approach to helping women in various stages of physical recovery as I have had experiences in IVF clinics, fertility workshops, pilates trainings and other environments that were very invested in telling me how bad my body was and how I was too old, too strong, too active, too weak, too tight, not relaxed, too stressed, too slow, too fast…it was never ok to be me. I was drawn to RYC® as a way to learn to support women (and myself) by creating a non-judgement encouraging environment that furthers their healing journey as opposed to shaming them and giving them more “shoulds”.
I also noticed changes in myself that my Pilates training was increasing my problems with an abdominal hernia and a tight pelvic floor. RYC® has helped me increase my core connections, fight my blind spots as well as improved my Pilates practice and every day wellbeing, all with calm and sometimes even laughter!

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