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Katy McCann

Katy McCann

Yoga and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist, RYC® Teacher. Yoga Teacher. Restorative Exercise Specialist™, Biofield Flow Certified™

Chebeague Island Maine, USA

Hi, I’m Katy. I teach RYC ® and blend it with other movement practices because I’ve noticed in myself, my clients and friends how we fall in and out of connection with our bodies as we move through the shifts and stages of our lives. When working with clients (or even myself) what I often hear are things like, “Whoa, I never knew that about my body!” or “I feel like I have to get to know my body all over again.” These words are what inspire and guide my teaching and my own movement practice. I began RYC ® to understand and heal my diastasis recti and subsequent abdominal surgery and incontinence. I trained to teach it because I finally began learning the tools that keep me in a deep, satisfying relationship with my own body and I want as many women as possible to experience the same. I am a wife and mother to three biological kids and one stepdaughter. I live with my husband and 3 kids on an island off the coast of Maine. I started my movement journey with Belly Dance in my early 20s. I studied, taught, performed and discovered a whole new way of living in my body. Since then I have studied and trained extensively in numerous exercise and healing modalities. I am a certified yoga teacher and Restorative Exercise Specialist™. My work today is a synthesis of these modalities alongside my personal explorations and experiences and those of my clients. In my own movement practice and studies, I’m currently going deeper into vagus nerve decompression, how myth, archetype and astrology live in our tissues, and how our creative and healing journeys are seeded in the pelvic bowl. I am also training in Reiki I, II & III. All of this takes my movement work literally and figuratively many levels deeper and I’m excited to bring more of this into my work with clients.


  • 1-1 and Small Group Offerings.
  • RYC® and other Blended,
  • Customized Movement Modalities