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Maria Lander Cabrera

Minneapolis Minnesota, USA

I am Maria. Movement has been a part of my life, always. In high school, I fell in love with long-distance running. I went on to complete four marathons in my early 20s. I have taken flamenco, ballet, and modern dance. I still go out dancing as often as I can. I added yoga and Pilates to my life in college. All these forms of movement made me feel strong and confident in my body. Yet, after having my first child, I discovered that I no longer felt “in” my body in the same way. I began moving less and injuring myself more. After having my second child, I discovered RYC® and experienced radical healing—both physically and mentally.

Discovering RYC® was such a powerful experience for me that I decided to leave a career as a Spanish language interpreter and instructor to become an RYC® teacher. I create an inclusive, inviting, and fun environment while guiding clients to become aware of their body’s compensations and patterns. I love working with people from all walks of life. My clients come to RYC® as athletes, post-partum, and as movers and non-movers alike. I am able to lead both group classes and individual sessions in Spanish.


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