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Regina Schmitt

Regina Schmitt

Pilates and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Fürstenwalde Germany, Europe

As a Pilates and pelvic floor trainer I finally started RYC® because both my parents asked me if I was pregnant although I wasn't. I knew I had diastasis recti but didn't have issues anymore except for the evening belly. With RYC® everything changed. My posture improved, my understanding of my own body and how I see myself and my own body have changed a lot during my RYC® journey. Before RYC®, I was just a group fitness trainer. After, I know I can help women with their issues and not just show them exercises but tailor a training just for their needs. And there's a big mindshift: Also fitness trainers don't need to look perfectly slim and toned. We need to feel good about ourselves so we can make our clients feel good and healthy. My main goal is to help women find their inner strength and resilience, show them how to relax and just feel good about themselves. I believe this is our aim on this planet: Feel good. Be happy. Spread good feelings.


  • Private One on One RYC® classes
  • Group RYC® classes