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Rox Madeira

Rox Madeira

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Glasgow Scotland, UK

After having a baby I started to speak to many women who were having pelvic health issues some that were having devastating effects on their lives. But women were being told that it was a normal part of having a baby, do kegals and get on with it. I knew that this couldn't be the case. My yoga teacher training had not equipped me for this, and my teachers had no idea what to do with women with prolapses and so I eventually found Lauren O'Hayon and Restore Your Core®. The method is fantastic and highly effective. I am a pregnancy and postnatal massage therapist (combining shiatsu, myofascial release and massage). Currently I am training as a medical herbalist specialising in women's health and lead foraging wild food and herbal walks around Scotland. Along with a group of midwifes and doulas I am involved in setting up a perinatal centre in central Scotland, which will be a safe, inclusive space for women to learn, relax and build community around birth, children and wellbeing.


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