A robust core strengthening program for:

  • Women who have completed RYC® and are ready for the next step
  • Anyone looking for a strong, integrated core strengthening program

This elevating exercise program is designed to increase your strength and function… all while honoring your abilities and your healing journey.

If you’re ready to feel confident and strong in your body, Challenge Your Core is right for you!

$118 USD

That’s Me!

*Lifetime access

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about Challenge Your Core

You’ll get everything you need to take your
functional fitness to the next level

  • 6 Strength Training Exercise Videos, built on the Restore Your Core® methodology, so that you can build strength—while also feeling confident about continuing a restorative, function-focused movement practice.
  • Digital Training Portal + Downloadable Videos, so you can practice in the comfort of your own home, whenever exercise fits best into your schedule.
  • Lifetime Access to all six exercise videos, so you can take this program at your own pace and honor your individual progress, fast or slow.
  • Sequenced Classes that get more and more challenging—so you can continue to build strength, length, and flexibility no matter what level you’re at today.
  • Guided Movements + Modifications so you can release the fear of relapsing, get out of your own head, and practice trusting your body—I’ll be there to coach you through intuitive alignment and function-focused strength training.

All for $118 USD

Challenge My Core

*Lifetime access and all program updates included

Are you ready for a lifetime of confident movement?

Challenge Your Core is the next stepping stone on your path to confidence, fearless movement, and a body you adore. We want to help you celebrate the NEXT big milestone on your journey, like:


Hitting the gym with confidence (and knowing exactly how to lift, burn, or run for optimal function and strengthening).


Practicing your favorite exercise mode, from interval training to cycling, without an ounce of pain or anxiety.


Feeling strong, brave, and badass in your body–and feeling PROUD of what you’ve empowered it to handle.

Get back to the exercise you love… and get toned in the process.

All for $118 USD

Gain Control Over My Core

*Trusted by movement professionals globally

Got Questions

CYC is the next step in Core rehab. It consists of more dynamic moves, more load and more tolerance. It is recommended that RYC® users complete RYC® before moving on to CYC. This program is also suitable for anyone who has completed any other exercise program for core rehab and is ready for more loading and stronger, harder moves. If you are looking for more variety and challenge to your safe pelvic floor/core workouts, I recommend you also check out Prime!
CYC consists of 6 exercise classes that are pretty much the same difficulty level and perfect for anyone who has completed RYC®. There is no specific order in which the classes need to be done.
All classes are less than 30 minutes long.
  • 2 Yoga blocks
  • Resistance loop
  • Variety of light weights