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Anna Kavanagh-Szoboszlai

Certified RYC® Teacher, LoveYourBelly instructor, soon to be a TRE® Provider (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises), Reiki I. Grade

Budapest Hungary, Europe

Movement has always been a part of my daily life, which is why I was so deeply affected by my postpartum experience. Medical professionals told me that I would need to avoid many different types of movements for the rest of my life, as a result of my umbilical hernia, and 4,5 fingers wide DR. This was extremely discouraging at a time when I desperately needed encouragement. It just didn't feel right to have to stop doing the things that I loved. Thankfully, I didn’t believe this and I started to look for my own answers. That’s when I found RYC. It gave me answers to all of my questions, and gave me hope and guidance. It taught me body awareness, empowered me to heal, and it put me into the driver's seat of my own body. I am now able to do any sport without restrictions and without pain. This experience has sparked a passion in me to help others with their movement. I now specialize in helping women heal postpartum, getting them back into the activities they love doing. I also help people who have been conditioned to believe that pain has to be a part of their everyday lives. I love seeing their joy when pain no longer restricts them in their everyday lives.


  • Private 1-1 RYC® sessions
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