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Cristina Majo

Cristina Majo

Yoga and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist , Certified RYC® Teacher, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher CIYT™

Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Africa

Originally from Italy, I’m a married mom of two amazing children. Together with my husband, we live between Ethiopia and the Netherlands. Over the past 15 years, I have been teaching yoga and movement on three different continents, to students coming from everywhere in the world. I have always been looking for precision and structure in my active movement practice. And have a great passion for teaching. After the birth of my children, I have become so passionate about postpartum recovery as I have been struggling myself to fill this gap for my own rehabilitation. Until I finally found RYC and totally fell in love with the precision and attention to detail of the program. Drawing from many years of experience teaching Iyengar Yoga and a relatively more recent discovery of RYC®️, I seek to guide women to a greater awareness of their body towards integration, bringing together mind, body, and breath. Through sequencing and teaching techniques, my classes are accessible to all bodies. I love searching for a tiny margin of improvement in your movement, in order to get a significant change once you put everything together.


  • Private One on One RYC® classes
  • Group RYC® classes