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Gaynor Morgan

Certified RYC® teacher, Certified Science of Stretching, Certified breath coach, Certified advanced Pfilates instructor, Clinical instructor for pessaries

Liege Belgium, Europe

I've been 25 years in the pelvic health industry and trained medical professionals on pessaries and pelvic floor dysfunction to rehabilitation. I am a certified personal training instructor, breathing coach, and science of stretching instructor, and proud to add to my training qualifications, an RYC® teacher certified in March 2023. I first took RYC® with Louisa about 4 years ago. The improvement to my own pelvic health thanks to her class was testament enough that this program works! My main focus is helping women with pelvic organ prolapse issues and teaching them how to change their movement and breathing patterns to assist with reducing the symptoms. Back in 2008, I won Woman of the Year in Science and Technology for a pessary I invented and took to market under my own manufacturing company. My company was the biggest pessary distributor in Europe serving clients worldwide and was accredited to supply the NHS in the UK. I opened the company in loving memory of my mother who suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction and was never offered anything other than surgery. I wish back then we had known about RYC®. This is my drive to help as many women as possible as no woman should ever suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and not have access to help. I closed the company down in 2020 and decided to focus on training, dedicating my time to finding solutions for women with pelvic floor issues.


  • Women-only classes:
  • Assessment of gait and breathing
  • 1-1 classes and group classes
  • Specializing in women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence issues