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Karen Morency

Certified RYC® Teacher, Tai Chi/Qigong Instructor, Cranial Sacral Practitioner

Freeport Maine, USA

My special interest is working with people with Multiple Sclerosis or those who require modifications to do movement seated or in the water. I am a Mechanical Engineer who developed chemical sensitivities and ventured into energy healing and movement with awareness. I am a Cranial Sacral, John F Barnes Myofascial Release, Mermaid Fascial Freedom, and Access Consciousness Bars & Body Practitioner. I teach Chair and Water Tai Chi/Qigong, Chinese dance, Energy Healing, and Self Myofascial Release. I discovered RYC® in 2021 due to hip & QL pain. Since then, I was diagnosed with SI joint laxity, and restoring my core has allowed me to heal and manage my hip and low back pain. My husband and I enjoy experiencing the US National Parks in our Airstream. We spend our summers in Maine gardening or canning and cruising the backcountry in our convertibles or motorcycles.


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