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Lê Gulin

Pilates, RES® & RYC® Certified teacher

Seattle Washington, USA

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified RYC® Teacher, RES® Teacher & Pilates Instructor

Hi there!  I’m Lê Gulin (pronounced “Lay”), a lifelong movement enthusiast born and raised in South Brazil, living and working in Seattle, WA. Although I have always had a deep connection with movement and have explored different modalities throughout my life, it was after becoming a mom, close to my 40’s that I pursued movement as a career.

Having practiced and worked around Pilates (I had my own Pilates & Yoga clothing line) for more than a decade, I started my formal education by joining Rebecca Leone’s Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in 2013 which has directed my approach to the work with a strong focus on spine safety.  Once I began regular work as a Pilates instructor I quickly became fascinated by the unique complexity of the human body, its capacity for movement, and the myriad barriers limiting it, which led me to broaden my movements studies to encompass other methods, sources, and teachers.

In 2018 I became a certified RES® (Restorative Exercise Specialist) Instructor through Katie Bowman’s Nutritious Movement program. During the pandemic, I worked on the Madeline Black Method and received my RYC® certification in 2023. Along with working towards the certifications I’ve participated in numerous workshops and classes always seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific studies and teachings on human movement.  Today, with more than a decade as a movement teacher, I can say that RYC® was a critical addition to my movement-training toolbox, I’m very grateful to have found Lauren Ohayon and the RYC® community.

My philosophy is that movement is innate to us as humans and more than ever, in our movement-starved society, learning to move better is the best way to move more and move without pain or dysfunction. I appreciate the uniqueness of each body and I enjoy creating customized sessions that help my clients to safely, effectively, and enjoyably improve their ability to move and improve their health.


  • 1-1 RYC Class (in-person & online)
  • 1-1 Pilates/RYC blend classes (in-person & online)