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Rubecca Martinez Dalton

Sports Therapist, Spine & Sports Therapy (Houston) 200-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor, The Yoga Institute (Houston) Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) Certified Mat, Standing and Equipment Pilates Instructor, PhysicalMind (Houston) Certified Level 2 Stretch to Win Stretch Practitioner (Arizona) Certified Life Stretch Instructor, Stretch to Win (Arizona) Certified TRX Coach (TRX, Denver) Certified RYC Instructor

Lakewood Colorado, USA

When I started teaching Yoga and Pilates, the majority of my clients were strong, healthy, active individuals. They were marathoners, Ironmen (and women), soccer players, dancers, cyclists, cross-trainers, weight lifters and weekend warriors. In their hearts and souls, they lived, breathed and pulsed movement. Their bodies, on the other hand, were flaring up, giving out, leaving them stranded on the road to their goals with fatigue, aching backs, sore shoulders, and trick knees. No amount of ice or tape could relieve their symptoms. Pain medication only provided temporary relief. For the majority, surgeries weren’t medically necessary. In fact, their doctors were prescribing Yoga, Pilates and Stretch. By working with these otherwise strong and healthy bodies, I learned that without fail, every single one of them needed 4 things: Balance, Core Strength, Proper Form and Rest. As an instructor that specializes in endurance athletes, I found that many of my female clients were experiencing some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction. RYC was highly recommended to me and I signed up for teacher training as a method to really dig deeper and add another tool to my box to help my clients maintain an active lifestyle, pain-free.


  • Pilates
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  • Stretch Therapy
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