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Shayne Henderson

Massage and Movement Therapist, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Collingwood Ontario, Canada

Hi, I’m Shayne, a Massage and Movement Therapist and Mama to two head strong girls. It is my own experiences with prenatal anxiety, postpartum depression and pelvic floor issues that drive my passion to empower women. Knowledge is power and when you can connect with your body and be present there is nothing that can stand in your way; for anything you desire. I’ve worked with thousands of women over the last 2 decades and my most powerful gift is tapping into and bringing out a women’s strengths. Belief in yourself and your own intuitive healing is a slow flame that burns bright the more you strengthen your body and mind. Let me help you find that fire!


  • Private One on One RYC® classes
  • Group RYC® classes