The proven method for regaining your strength and confidence, long term.


Take back your life

You can enjoy:

  • Playing with kids
  • Lifting items around the house
  • Taking the groceries out of the car

You don’t need to struggle indefinitely.

You can EVEN:

  • Run, unrestrained
  • Ride a bike
  • Have sex
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Crosstrain effectively

While feeling competent and confident and (for most people) without leaking, pain and discomfort.

RYC® will show you how

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Move. Worry-free.


Take back your choice and control


Reclaim your strength and confidence


Get a core that responds, effortlessly


Workout smarter with better results


Rediscover your body’s efficiency

With RYC ® — the proven method for regaining your strength and confidence, long term.


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What Restored Icon looks like

As seen in:

Your body is a system.
RYC® understands this.

RYC® understands that all movement is connected, and weak movement patterns in other places contribute to core and pelvic floor difficulties too. We work with the whole of you to heal your core.

And then… these things happen too!

Regain full body function no matter
how your symptoms present

Struggling with any of these?
See how RYC® will help

Pelvic organ prolapse?

Photo That’s Me

Diastasis recti?

Photo That’s Me


Photo That’s Me

Different symptoms?
We’ve still got you.

As women our symptoms are as unique as our personalities.
Core and pelvic floor dysfunction can look a whole lot of ways for a whole lot of women.

RYC® is the proven method for regaining your strength and confidence, long term.

You’ll uncover unhelpful movement patterns and old, automated cues that are contributing to your symptoms without you knowing.

RYC® will guide you to take back your power, get intentional about your movement and build whole-body strength that begins in your core.

Gain Control Over My Core

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What Restored Icon women say

RYC® uses the CARE model to guide your healing

Core confidence: Regain your confidence to move, exercise and return to what you love. No fear mongering. No dogmas. No Judgment. Just a clear path to healing.

Awareness: The best way to change patterns is to become aware of them. RYC® helps you learn about your patterns and habits, increasing your awareness both on and off the mat. This is key to long term, sustainable healing, allowing you to safely return to the activities you love.

Responsive: To optimize your movements and activities, you need to first ensure your core and pelvic floor are responsive and functional. RYC® uses dynamic whole-body core stability workouts to accomplish this.

Empowerment: Feel empowered with tools to be confident, aware of your body, and to move on to activities more complex without fear.

No more feeling lost, confused and in the dark about your injury and what it takes to heal.

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RYC® is the proven method for regaining your strength and confidence, long term.

Plus you’ll get:

  • Forever access to the program and all updates
  • 16 Exercise videos with detailed personal instruction
  • 4 Standing-only core classes
  • 24 Take-back-your-body tutorials explaining alignment, how to have a healthy spine and pelvis, optimal breath, ideal core engagement, and more
  • Bonus videos, tutorials, tips and classes
  • 12 Instructional PDFs that help you understand diastasis recti, the role of your psoas, and tips for all day movement
  • A 10-15 minute express workout for each stage of the program
  • Private facebook group (for women only), constant access to Lauren herself, and all your personal questions answered all the time

All for under $200 USD!

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Lauren Ohayon

Founder and program developer RYC®

Inside you’ll find

  • An easy-to-follow Foundations Training to help you identify your movement blind spots, bring your body back into supportive alignment, and uncover and retrain damaging posture and breathing habits.
  • Four phases of increasingly challenging and strengthening video workouts— specifically designed to tone, strengthen, and rehab your core and pelvic floor
  • Detailed modification options for each workout to make it challenging and manageable, no matter your fitness level!
  • A simple, step-by-step training schedule for all twelve weeks of the program, so you never have to wonder which video to watch, which practice to implement, or which workout to complete.
  • Bonus trainings on breathwork, body knowledge, alignment, and daily movement patterns that will equip you to support your core and pelvic floor—not just during your workout, but when you’re working, playing with your kids and even sleeping!

All for $197 USD

Reclaim My Full Body Function

*Lifetime access and all program updates included

“To say RYC changed my life feels
like an understatement.”

“To say RYC changed my life feels like an understatement.”

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*Installments available

Your body has a history, but you’re not broken

In my years as a movement teacher, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with women who feel like they’re broken, like their body is something that needs to be fixed, or like they’ll never be the same again.

Here’s what I want you to see.

Yes, your body has imprints from everything it’s been through—childbirth, motherhood, decades of life. Yes, some of your limitations might feel permanent. And yes, it’s impossible to turn back the clock.

But it’s not too late to work with your body to find continued healing and freedom. See, your body is adaptable, resilient, and tenacious. It wants to take you where you want to go.

And, with the right stepping stones, I’ve helped hundreds of women nurture their body to a place that makes them feel like they can tackle anything—without fear.

They’re riding horses, and playing jump rope with their kids, and taking kettlebell classes, and running marathons, and lifting weights...with their strong-because-of-history body.

So, if you’re looking for a BRIDGE back into confidence, trust, and the joy of moving freely?

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Got Questions

Yes! With the Restore Your Core® Method, women have healed pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and other postpartum injuries...more than twenty-five years after having their babies!
Everyone’s body is different, and we always encourage you to check with your healthcare provider. However, we can tell you that women with large diastasis recti gaps, severe prolapse, debilitating back pain, SIJ pain, and hernias have found relief and healing with the RYC® Method.
Each exercise video is about 25 minutes long, and we encourage you to complete four sessions every week. Additional movement is healthy, too, and we recommend short daily walks in addition to the workouts.
Everyone’s body is different. So, be gentle with yourself as you go into this program. That being said, we’ve heard from women who are experiencing minimized pain or discomfort in less than two weeks!
We recommend starting with this online program. You get lifetime access to all the training materials, and this program gives you everything you need to start healing.  Once you have spent several weeks in the program and notice that things are not shifting, the Assessment is a great tool to find out what blind spots or compensation patterns might be hindering you. But start with this. It’s really, truly everything you need to get going.
Yes! We offer exclusive discounts for active-duty service members, veterans and their families.
Please contact us at for more details.
The short answer is no, and it depends on how you define yoga. Do we say namaste, Om, or use Sanskrit names for exercises? No. Do we mention deities? No. Do we discuss the tenets of yoga? No. None of that. Do we use movements found in yoga classes which are also adopted by 100s of other fitness modalities? Yes. Do we foster mindfulness with slower movements and breath awareness? Yes, and this is not exclusive to yoga. These practices are even taught at the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and Stanford, as research has shown that they reduce stress. RYC® is not a yoga program, but there are some movements and sequencing that you would find in a yoga class. Lauren is a trained yoga teacher, as well she has also trained in various methods and modalities, including FRC, Pilates, and more. Also, rather than pushing for flexibility - a common theme in yoga, we angle for strength and mobility. The program focuses on strength elements rather than "go deeper, stretch harder."